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Facing the Challenge and Joining the Collective


Facing the Challenge and Joining the Collective

Lana Hawk

A month or so ago, while exploring "women in business" conferences, I stumbled across The Yellow Collective. The Yellow Collective is a group of female entrepreneurs looking to use their gifts to offer something unique to the world. These women are spread all over the US and are a part of a conversation about how to face the challenges of starting your own businesses. Every quarter is a new theme complete with online materials, digital workbooks, monthly meet-ups and internet chats, and a care package of inspiration. When I stumbled across this, it sounded like a group of women I wanted to get to know. To learn from and grow with. So yesterday I JOINED!

So here is a bit of back story for some of you. Last spring, I "retired" from teaching to pursue my own thing (among a longer list of other reasons). Fast forward to now and I have struggled to start. To push through the fear of failure and jump into something. I have a long list of things I enjoy doing and random ideas for businesses or projects, but I get caught up in the superfluous details that in the end don't mean much. I ask a hundred questions and want to learn everything I can about a subject before diving in, instead of taking a leap into the unknown. A big part of that problem lies in my fear of failure and the constant comparison game. After the last 8 months of struggle, I decided I needed to start meeting likeminded people and putting myself out there as an entrepreneur. I want to start something and use my gifts to work for myself. So I attended a conference in Austin earlier this month called the BE Conference. A conference for female entrepreneurs looking to network and learn from other entrepreneurs. It was a great way for me to learn to network, meet other women doing amazing things, and learn from some of the best business women out there. Well worth the trip to Austin. The search for that conference, also led me to The Yellow Collective.

So post-conference comes the challenge of the everyday (see my post on Inspiration here). How can I continue to stretch myself in that way here in Denver? How can I network and engage in the conversation while living the day-to-day here at home. Enter The Yellow Collective. They offer the resources to continue learning, the conversations to engage your mind and spirit in the struggle, and monthly meet-ups among local women to help build a local community. The perfect blend of learning, stretching, networking, and growing. They open membership each quarter so if you want to join in on the fun, you have until tomorrow (March 31) to join! I will keep you updated on my thoughts after my first month or so jumping in with other awesome ladies!

Also, stay tuned for a fun new project coming soon! I'm bringing a little more of my travels direct to you.

**Picture taken in Whistler, Canada, July 2016