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Finding Inspiration in the Everyday


Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

Lana Hawk

It is no secret I love to travel, particularly to Europe. One of the main reasons I love to travel is the inspiration that comes from experiencing a new and different place. Walk through the streets of a European city or town and try to NOT be inspired. Everywhere you look and turn there is something new to see, experience, smell, hear. Our sabbatical in Florence meant tons of inspiration from our daily strolls around the city. The old streets bustling with people going about their normal lives was so new and different to us, it was easy to be inspired. Inspired to take pictures, write, read, dream, and the list goes on. Being inspired when you break from routine in a new place is easy. Finding inspiration in the everyday? Not so much.

My current struggle is finding inspiration in my everyday existence in a city I have come to know well. The same streets, same drive to town, same running route, and same old dinner routine. How  can I get that European jolt of inspiration without flying halfway across the world? This has been a struggle of mine for sometime. Blogs come easily when there are fun exciting things to write about and share. Pretty pictures paired with anecdotes and observations. So as I continue to struggle through this little slump or funk, here are some of my ideas to try and get my creative juices pumping.

  • Take a walk 
  • Find a new fun recipe to try
  • Run somewhere new
  • Sit outside and read
  • Find and listen to a new podcast 
  • Just sit down and write about anything
  • Go to the mountains or walk where I can see them
  • Watch a TedTalk
  • Draw, doodle, sketch
  • Take a walk with my camera
  • Visit somewhere new in Denver
  • Create something, anything
  • Go to an art museum

Now the hard part, actually leaning into the above list.