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Easter Reflection

Lana Hawk

Every year Easter brings a celebration. For many that’s a celebration of and with family and friends. For me, it’s that, but even more so a time of reflection on the life of Jesus. His life and resurrection carry a lot of weight, whether you claim to be a Christian or not. You cannot deny that Jesus changed the world. You cannot deny that the stories told in the New Testament paint a picture of a man who loved and loved well. I want to live like Jesus because…

…He came and lived and turned this world upside down.

…He brought color and life into a world driven by rules and the elite.

…He challenged those who proclaimed themselves experts and keepers of all knowledge.

…He hung out with and broke bread with the sick and sinners.

…He loved people no matter their race, gender, age, or economic status.

…He spent time reflecting, praying, and being in the stillness.

…He lived a life full of shedding light and questions on what people thought to be true.

…He led his disciples into thought provoking discussions and lingering questions.

…He sacrificed for the ones he loved in a big, big way by giving His life for us.

He changed the world. He changed my world. I want to live and love like Him. Today, I reflect on how I can better understand the implications of the life and resurrection of Jesus and how I can live into a life of love like Jesus.

Happy Easter.