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Running in Florence

Italian Holiday

Running in Florence

Lana Hawk

Yep, we are still running. Well I guess technically I am back to running. I trained for handful of half marathons and a half ironman in 2013-2014 and sort of haven't trained specifically for a race since. Whoops! After a couple years off racing, I'm back at to it and what better place to start my training than Florence? The plan is to be in shape for a half marathon in February, so we are taking to the streets of Florence to get back in running shape. Running through a new city is something Adam really enjoys. You can see more of the city running than you can walking because of time. I on the other hand am a bit more hesitant. I like to know an area before taking to the streets. So usually, Adam goes out on a run and finds a route that works and seems safe and then I will join him the next time. We always run together, well he always runs with me and then he will go on his own if he wants a faster run and more miles. 

Being in Florence for an extended stay means we get to find our route and sort of stick to a routine. Lucky for us, we are situated sort of on the east side of the central part of Florence. Which has conveniently placed us within a mile of a nice pedestrian path along the Arno River. Before arriving, we were prepared to run the stone streets of Florence dodging people and cars and scooters and bikes and dog poo. Instead, we take a nice half mile walk until we are out of the congested zone, run another half mile and we are along the edge of the river enjoying a long stretch of a path lined with trees with few intersections to navigate. As mentioned in yesterday's post, central Florence doesn't have much in the way of greenery, but nearly everyday we get the benefit of the river view and the small parks along it during our run. It's a nice way to enjoy a different side of the city and escape the noise for a bit. The asphalt pedestrian path runs for about a mile to the east before turning into a dirt path which extends even further. Once on the dirt path, you can join many of the other Florence runners and go for another 2.5 miles. You can catch a glimpse of the hills and vineyards just outside the city and enjoy the Arno River without the crowds of tourists. We have never found ourselves completely alone out there as the path is frequented by locals on their daily walk or run. 

If you ever find yourself in need of a good run in Florence, I highly recommend catching the pedestrian path where Viale Giovanni Amendola meets Lungarno del Tempio. It is on the river side of the road and starts on the corner with the small park. It has quickly become one of my favorite parts about our new routine. Once we get to some longer runs, we will try another park on the west side of Florence. I am still running shorter distances, so I'm not there yet! Once we make the trip down there, I will be sure to add that in.    

A few more iPhone shots below of one of our morning runs. Sorry they aren't better quality! No running with a heavy DSLR for me.