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Morning in Fiesole

Italian Holiday

Morning in Fiesole

Lana Hawk

As mentioned before, we took two weeks of language school. Despite it only being two hours a day, it seemed to fill our days and prevented us from doing any day trips during those two weeks. Having finished up language school on Friday, we decided to use our weekend to take a short trip out of the city to Fiesole. This little hill town was recommended to us numerous times as a great way to get out of Florence and experience some beautiful views of the surrounding area. We did a quick look up on the bus schedule and figured out what bus to take and where we needed to go. A short walk later and we caught our bus for Fiesole.

Just the bus ride up was well worth the 1.20 euros. We saw little vineyards, another small town or two, and sweeping views of the valley and river. Once to Fiesole, the views continued. The town is quiet and not much in the way of "sights", but we enjoyed our walk up to the terrace with a great view. We could see all across the valley, all of Florence, and much of the surrounding hills. The pictures don't do it justice as there was a bit of a haze over the valley. We continued our walk up to Church of San Francesco. It is a tiny little church at the top of the hill. We basically had the place to ourselves and enjoyed looking in the tiny church and missionary museum full of souvenirs of missionaries from all over the world. A quirky little collection, but still interesting to see. The church itself wasn't spectacular in design or decor. It was simple and small making it even more endearing. The walk up is slightly uphill, but not very long nor very taxing. 

After seeing Church of San Francesco, we made our walk back to the main square to see the Fiesole Duomo. Another old church, another little town. Kind of funny to realize these small churches, often hundreds and hundreds of years old are everywhere. It isn't necessarily unique over here. It's just normal. Over the last couple years, we have been to Belgium, the Netherlands, and now Italy. Those three countries have an abundance of old churches. Each is slightly unique, but also very similar. They start to blend together which is unfortunate. I often have to research to remind myself which old church is in a photo I took. So much history in every corner of this continent. 

After stepping into the Fiesole Duomo, we took a walk through the town and discovered much of the place was quiet and closed. People are off for the holiday or simply closed for the day. With nothing more to see, we headed to a cafe by the bus stop to warm up inside with a cappuccino. We had a few minutes to sit in the sun and enjoy the view down into Florence before hopping on the return bus. It was a quick trip, but a great way to get a different perspective of Florence and the area. If you find yourself in Florence for a few days, Fiesole is worth a few hours to escape the madness of Florence!