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Reflections on the Arno

Italian Holiday

Reflections on the Arno

Lana Hawk

We have quickly settled into a pseudo-routine here in Florence. With language school added to the mix last week, we tend to follow a general schedule. We head to language school for a couple hours in the morning, stop by the Santa Croce Christmas market for a snack, and walk back to our place. Then, usually we go for our daily run before cleaning up for the day and eating lunch. In the afternoons, we often go to a cafe to sit for an hour or so and read. Cheap cappuccinos are hard to pass up! We may do a little shopping, go on our own little Florence excursion to a museum, or simply go for a walk. Our afternoon strolls are definitely a favorite of mine. It is always fun to wander a bit and see new nooks and crannies in this beautiful city. It is equally fun to begin to figure out the layout of the city, see familiar places, and know our way around the city. I am not so great with directions, but I am starting to remember different routes through the city, correct turns to get home, or just simply locations of some of my favorite stores. I am figuring it all out, a little slower than Adam, but it is coming.

Another favorite part of our afternoon walks is the Arno River. We often find ourselves down by the water, walking across Ponte Vecchio or a nearby bridge, and enjoying views of the river. Because of the early sunset, we often catch a sunset while down by the river. Colorado is great for a lot of outdoor adventure, but one thing it lacks is pretty bodies of water to admire. A reservoir here and there or a small neighborhood pond, but nothing like the Arno. Growing up around the water, I have grown to love it more than most. Not really sure why seeing it makes a difference, but it does my water-loving soul good to take strolls along the river. On this particular afternoon, we not only caught the sunset, but also a very still day on the water. Few ripples or disturbances making for a crystal clear reflection on the water. Beautiful!