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Afternoon at Uffizi

Italian Holiday

Afternoon at Uffizi

Lana Hawk

Today was another relaxed day. After our AirBnB culinary experience yesterday, we snuggled up and watched a couple movies before calling it a night. We slept in late this morning and then went on a run along the Arno. After lunch we decided to head out and check out Uffizi Gallery. Adam has never been and I love art museums. Seemed like a perfect way to spend this chilly, cloudy afternoon. 

Every time I come to Europe and go to the museums, I am amazed at how old everything is. You go to cities like Boston in the US and buildings from the 1600s are a big deal. Go to Europe and it seems like everything is at least 500 years old. Nearly every piece of art we saw in Uffizi was from the 1400-1500s with some statues from the 2nd century. A lot of the pieces we saw have been in the Uffizi Gallery since the 1700s. It is crazy and the more you see, the more it kind of seems normal. Oh, that painting is 700 years old? Big deal. 

The other thing that hits me when walking through old cities like Florence is that the United States is a baby of a country. We have been around as an independent country for less than 300 years. Are we a world leader? Of course, but we are also very young. We are going to go through changes, some good and some not, but that's what happens. History happens. I love to see other countries and cultures to see what we can learn from them and their rich history moving forward. It never hurts to press pause for a second and realize where we fit in the big picture, individually and as a nation. 

Back to Uffizi. Another part I love about these old museums is all there is to see. No matter where you look, there is something beautiful to see. Paintings on the ceiling, statues everywhere, detailing on the walls and in the corners, views of the city out the windows, tile floors, and of course, all those old paintings. I love to walk through museums and try and document the details as well as the paintings. The paintings are great, but google what they look like and you get the idea. The details and the buildings make the experience in my opinion. The long corridors with colorful ceilings and bright windows. The ornate frames for each individual painting. Those are the things that make the visit worthwhile. Look at the art and enjoy the art, but don't miss the essence of the building and the city that created it. If I had to choose between Accademia and Uffizi, I would probably go with Uffizi. Many leave the David feeling a bit underwhelmed. The Uffizi, as a whole, has more art to see and includes names like Leonardo da Vinci and Boticelli. I loved the David and still think it is an amazing piece to see in person, but if you have to choose one, Uffizi is more bang for your buck. If you can do both, schedule a time slot for the David and make the trip.