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The O Bag

Italian Holiday

The O Bag

Lana Hawk

In my normal/everyday world, I am attempting to cut back and stick with buying versatile clothing and accessories. I want the items I own to be useful, versatile, and long lasting. I don't want to continue to buy overly trendy items that will be out of style next year and I also don't want to buy cheap clothing that will wear out quickly. And I must say, it isn't easy. I constantly see tops and pants and purses and jewelry I want. Have you ever tried to go into Target and AVOID the clothing all together. It isn't easy. Being in Europe is also making this task quite difficult. Style over here is different than most places I have lived in the US. They seem to value function, versatility, and neutrality over the super trendy. But at the same time, they always appear put together and on trend. Weird right? All of that makes me want to buy an entirely new wardrobe over here defeating my mission to simplify and cut back. It helps knowing I have very limited additional space in our bags to pack more on top of what I brought over. A brilliant way to keep my shopping in check. I'm sure Adam is super thankful for baggage and weight limits.

Before we came over, I did have a short list of things I wanted to purchase while here. The list includes a leather jacket, my shopping spree at Galeries Lafayette, and an O bag. I saw these bags this summer and was intrigued by them. The concept is fairly simple. You buy a body of the bag and then you can choose from a variety of interchangeable straps, liners, and trim. Which ultimately means you can change the look of your purse without buying an entirely new bag. You simply change out the handles or trim or lining. Kind of brilliant if you think about it. The body of the bags are made of some sort of synthetic/rubber like material helping them keep their shape and making them easy to clean. The texture of the bag is a bit different and takes a bit to get used to, but their uniqueness and functionality made them a win for me!

In our wandering the past couple days, we came across the store and I decided to go ahead and take the leap. I opted for a black bag with a dark brown handle and wool liner. I didn't buy a trim because I wasn't immediately sold on any of the options. I also know that if I decide I want one, I can always order one online and change it out myself. All the liners, trim, and straps are easily changed and switched out making them easy to customize at home. I'm sure eventually I will get a couple more liner options to change it up moving forward. They have several body types too. From tiny bags to larger totes and everything in between. You should definitely check them out if it at all sounds interesting. (O Bag Online)

Their watches are produced with a similar concept in mind. They are also interchangeable and offer an endless number of watch faces and band colors. I'm sure I will venture back to the store over the coming weeks and investigate my options a bit more. If I do, I will be sure to share with you my choices! Until then, a little peak at my latest purchase and my new favorite bag.