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A Wander Through Paris

Italian Holiday

A Wander Through Paris

Lana Hawk


Our second day in Paris was spent wandering through and admiring all the major sights. Our goal wasn't necessarily to spend a ton of money going into all the museums, but we certainly wanted to see as much as we could. So here's a brief run down of our day and pictures to go with it.

We started our morning with a run around the Eiffel Tower before cleaning up to head out for the day. My legs were a bit shot from all the walking the day before, but when I have the Eiffel Tower as my view I certainly can't complain! After Adam ran a few extra miles, we cleaned up to head out for the day. 

Breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning was spent at Le Petit Cler on Rue Cler nearby. Rue Cler is an adorable pedestrian street full of little restaurants and a great market on Saturday mornings. We loved our breakfast on Friday, so why not stick with what you know? A little lemon cake and cappuccino for breakfast is perfectly acceptable two days in a row. After breakfast we took off for the day starting with a stroll to the Eiffel Tower. When in Paris, look at the Eiffel Tower as much as possible. It is a completely different experience today than it was 5 years ago. When I was in Paris back in 2011, you could walk underneath the Eiffel Tower without going through any security. Today, you have to have a ticket to go up the tower AND go through security just to walk underneath. Probably best, but a noticeable shift in security.

After seeing the Eiffel Tower again, we walked towards Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle. Notre Dame was just as I remembered it. Another stunning church in Europe. With no cost and no line, we had to check it out from the inside. I just the love the grandeur of old churches. Huge ceilings, ornate details, marble floors, elaborate chandeliers, colorful stained glass windows. Everywhere you look, there is something new to examine. After we had our fill of Notre Dame, we took a lap around the outside so as not to miss anything before heading towards the Louvre. 

The best part about walking through Paris is your eyes are always busy. This is my third time to Paris and every time I go, I enjoy it more than the last. I could truly look at Paris rooftops and iron detailing on the balconies all day. It is all so uniquely Paris. The walking allowed us to see more of the city than I had in previous years because the goal then was cram as much in as possible. This visit was intended to be slower paced. My favorite.

We did decide to go into the Louvre, mainly because we were cold, hungry and my feet were tired from walking and the Louvre was the perfect way to slow down even more. I know some prefer other museums over the Louvre, but I do love it. The building itself is grand and provides another layer of eye candy for you. We spent just a couple hours there before making our way back to the hotel to change for dinner.

Dinner was at an adorable restaurant called Au Petit Sud Ouest. We thought we had made a reservation, but once we arrived, we realized we instead made a reservation for the next day. Whoops! Lucky for us the hostess was wonderful and got us in anyways. We enjoyed duck a few different ways and loved everything we tried. They even had little toasters at the table to toast your bread before eating the duck terrine complete with foie gras. I would highly recommend it if you are ever in Paris. Rick Steves never lets us down.

We ended the night with another Eiffel Tower stroll because WE ARE IN PARIS! Plus, Lady Eiffel is quite beautiful all lit up at night. 

Saturday was much of the same. Wandering, Eiffel Tower, Rue Cler market, and more sights. We are lucky we don't have tons of extra space in our suitcase because I would have stocked up at the Rue Cler Market. Vintage goodies as far as the eye could see. We browsed and walked away. We added the Arc De Triomphe to our list of sights, as well as Champs-Elysees. And that ended our time in Paris. Off to the airport for our flight to Florence. Can't wait to explore every nook and cranny of Florence for the next 6 weeks!