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Shopping Spree in Paris

Italian Holiday

Shopping Spree in Paris

Lana Hawk

So this summer I randomly entered a giveaway on Instagram for a shopping spree and WON! Great except you have to get yourself to the store in Paris to receive it. When I entered the giveaway, my thought was there is always a possibility the Hawk's could end up in Europe. Fast forward to today and we are here! Crazy.

We decided to go ahead and do the shopping spree our first day here to open up Friday for exploring. So after a quick nap and clean up at the hotel we went to Galeries Lafayette in Paris. This store is amazing. The dome in the middle and Christmas decorations are enough to bring you in for a visit. On top of that, you have about every major designer under one roof in this place. After finding the correct concierge desk, we got our gift card and got to it! Now, the shopping spree was $500. To some, you may spend that easily in one stop at a store. Never have I ever on that one. I tend to spend very little when I shop these days. So this was a bit overwhelming for me. Throw on top of it I had 7 floors of things to look at and I froze. The one thing I knew I wanted was a pair of flat, short boots to wear while in Europe. Once I found those, I really had no agenda. So I wandered. A lot. Eventually I found a few items from the more reasonably price Galeries Lafayette brand and sort of stuck to that. Even with the money to cover it, I couldn't bring myself to overspend on a designer brand. Must be my Target loving roots coming out.

In the end, four hours later, I walked away with boots, two cashmere sweaters, a brown sweater/top with thumb holes (winning), a read top, navy top, and black jeans. (Sorry for the picture quality. Bad lighting and I'm a bit rushed) Adam also got a hat and we also bought a few small souvenirs. Not bad for $500! I went for items I could wear easily with what I brought and also tops that were classic. I debated everything from an Apple Watch to a lesser known MyKronoz smartwatch. I looked at purses, more clothes, souvenirs, electronics, you name it. I'm happy with the haul and can't wait to wear it all in the coming weeks in Italy!

After dropping our stuff off at the hotel, we went to Rue Cler (nearby pedestrian street) for dinner at Tribeca. A quick dinner for both of us and we were off to bed. Jet lag is rough and we slept it off with 12 hours of sleep last night! Now off to explore Paris a bit more today before our journey to Florence tomorrow.