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So Here's a Story...

Italian Holiday

So Here's a Story...

Lana Hawk


Well, here we are. The day has arrived. Adam and I are taking off for a 7 week European adventure. This will be our 4th overseas adventure together, but will be quite different from the other three. For this extended stay, we are spending most of our time in Florence with only a few side trips. The overall goal is to “live” there. Shop at the market, cook our meals at home, find our favorite restaurants and cafes, and find a new rhythm to life. So how did we get here? What prompted our latest adventure?

Well here is the short version. In June, I decided to “retire” from teaching to give us more flexibility and have the time to pursue my own venture (currently photography). Soon after, we traveled to Florence, Amalfi, and Rome with some friends and quickly fell in love with the country and culture of Italy. After returning, we had a lot of discussions surrounding what we want for our life together. Priorities, goals, rhythms of life, and everything that comes with it. Through those discussions we made the decision to sell our condo and our second car. House shopping came soon after and led to an accepted offer on a home in south Denver. After some issues with the inspection came up, we backed out of the deal and went back to square one. What now? Well, we quickly returned to an idea we had while traveling this summer. What if we did an extended trip overseas? What if we went on a big adventure together?

We searched flights and options and quickly found a deal we could get on board with… Italy it was! We are staying a couple nights in Paris first before enjoying 6 long weeks in Florence. Our goals for this big adventure are pretty simple. Enjoy Italian culture and create a new rhythm of life for us. Read, write, wander, dive into aspects of life we so easily push aside in the busy-ness of the “normal”. My own personal goals include writing everyday (here and just for me) and take pictures of an ordinary day in a beautiful city.

I hope this holiday season is a restful one for you and yours. Find a bit of your own adventure in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. And I hope to see you back here soon! Like maybe Thanksgiving night? Perrrrrrrfect.