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Find Your Jam

Lana Hawk


Music is a funny thing. It is a very diverse and large industry. There are all kinds of artists that you can listen to in a wide variety of venues and mediums. You can listen via vinyl, CDs, digital music and find artists you never knew about before through Spotify or Pandora. The other funny thing about music is the wide variety of tastes in music. People will argue until they are blue in the face about the “best” music out there, but in the end it comes down to personal preference. Preference in what moves you and speaks to you. I have found that staying fit, active, and healthy is similar to taste in music. It is all about finding your jam.

I have gone through a number of phases in my workout career. As a competitive swimmer well into college, I spent several hours a day with a set plan to keep me moving and in shape. Then, when I made the decision to stop swimming after my sophomore year in college, I was left without a plan. I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do to stay in shape and I stopped working out. For the next six years or so I would randomly show up at the gym for an elliptical workout or a jog on a sunny day. In the end, I never stuck with it. I just didn’t work for me. I spent most of my life with a set workout plan and then all of a sudden it disappeared. I knew the workouts, proper lift techniques, and how to be fit, but for some reason I was a bit lost when left to my own devices. So I entered into a quest to find “my jam” when it comes to fitness.

Here’s the thing, there are a million fitness plans and diet plans out there, but when you truly break it down, the best one is the one that works for you. What keeps you moving, healthy, fit, and happy is the best for you. I have tried solo gym time, spin classes, yoga, triathlons, endurance running, and more. Through all of those attempts, I have found what I like and don’t like and what I need to stay motivated. Here’s what I have learned:

  • I need a group fitness setting.
  • Despite the pain of an early wakeup, mornings are better because by the time the afternoon rolls around I am toast.
  • Elliptical is a throwaway workout.
  • Having a goal and tangible numbers helps me stay motivated.
  • I am super stubborn with myself when I have a goal.

I have also learned that what works for me changes with different seasons of life. I have loved training for half marathons, but after some health stuff last year, it hasn’t worked for me. I love triathlons and even worked up to a half ironman, but cycling is hard for me to maintain on my own. So here in Denver, I have found my next phase of workout. My new jam. Orange Theory has been a welcomed update to my fitness routine and meets all the requirements above. It’s a group class, widely available class times, numbers to help me stay on track during class, it is one hour, and it works for me. My goal is to be fit and keep moving and I have figured out what I need to do to accomplish that.

So what works for you? Do you need social interaction? Join a group fitness class or get a group together to run/walk a 5k together. Do you like solo time? Hop on a bike or in the pool and just go for it. Do you like outdoor adventure? Go for a hike, snowshoe adventure, or hit the slopes. Do you need something chill that helps unwind after a long day? Find that yoga studio and enjoy! Whatever works for you, make it happen, find the time. Find your jam.