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DreamCatcher Tutorial

Lana Hawk


Babies are everywhere. Old Pink House is not immune to this epidemic. We are in full baby prep mode here at Old Pink House. Greta is due in July with her first little one and the whole family is prepping for another grand-baby. I, in true Lana form, have gone into a crafting frenzy these last few months making various things for Greta and her sweet baby girl on the way. She has shared various snippets of her thoughts on the nursery and ideas for a theme all along, so when it came time to prep for her baby shower I knew I wanted to create some decor she could use in the nursery after the shower was over. After a few late night Pinterest sessions, I settled on dreamcatchers as the big ticket item. I looked at a few online for inspiration, but decided to just go for it instead of wasting time looking at other people’s ideas. Below is a quick tutorial on how I made each one. In the above picture, I created the two smaller ones. Without knowing I had made smaller dreamcatchers, Greta purchased the larger one from our local favorite, Dottie Couture Boutique (SOLD OUT). The combination made for a perfect layered display at her shower. And bonus, it really only took me a couple hours to make all three. Once you are in the groove, it goes really quickly. An easy addition for any home, nursery, girls room, classroom, you name it!


embroidery hoop

variety of yarn/string


MATERIALS: I went with a variety of color and texture with the string/yarn. Depending on  your theme and color scheme, colors and textures may vary. I used thin yarn, thicker yarn, t-shirt yarn, ribbon, thin gold ribbon, lace yarn, and leftover sheer fabric from my mom’s wedding dress. .

Look at the size of your hoop and determine how long you want your tails to be. Then, add an extra 2 inches to each to allow room to tie. Err on the side of longer because you can always trim up the ends. Cut your string/yarn into strips.

THE MIDDLE: Figure out what you want the middle of your dreamcatcher to be. I went with one more traditional woven dreamcatcher and two smaller lace ones. I wanted these to be extra special for Greta and sweet baby girl, so the lace for the two smaller ones also came from my mom’s wedding dress. Baby Snell will have her Gammy’s wedding dress as a part of her room. Kind of cool right?

   TIP: The ones with the lace, I did the lace first and the tying second. The woven one, I started with the tying and ended with the weaving. Make sense?

LACE VERSION: I cut the lace to fit the embroidery hoop and fitted the hoop over the lace. I then proceeded with the tying outlined below.

TYING: Honestly, the tying is sort of a figure it out as you go. It was a bit trickier with the lace ones because I had to find/make holes in the lace to weave through. Otherwise, you really are just making a simple knot around the base of the hoop to secure each string. You can use a pattern as I did or simply tie on random pieces in random places. I placed the embroidery hoop clamp/tightener at the top of the dreamcatcher. If you do this, be sure to center your strings and make it even.

TIP: I started to secure the excess from each tie under the next knot. It kept the back a lot cleaner. So each new knot you tie, tuck in the ends of the previous one so they basically disappear.

WEAVING: For the woven dreamcatcher, I started by securing all my tails before doing the inside. For the how-to on this weaving, I honestly googled it. Just google “DreamCatcher weaving” or check out Pinterest. It is pretty basic and took no time at all to figure out and complete. For this portion I used the thin pink yarn I used for the tails. Once I secured my weaving, I went over the entire embroidery hoop with my fluffy white yarn. This covered up the weaving edges and made it look a bit more finished. And there it is! Three completed dreamcatchers in no time at all. Fully customizable too which means I could make 10 more and they wouldn’t look the same.