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St. Mary's Glacier

Lana Hawk

Well, I am officially a resident of Colorado now. Well official in the sense that I live here, not completely official yet when it comes to license, registration, and those not-so-fun tasks. Anyways, I digress. Crazy to think I’ve been here for a month already. Time flies when you are insanely busy! It’s been a fairly swift and immediate jump into the Denver life. We moved back in August, and I started my job three days after we arrived.

One of our goals in the move was to dive into life here right away. No excuses. No “I’m too tired” or “I’m not interested” or “I will do it later.” We wanted to immediately reach out to people, get out and experience Denver, build community, and all that fun stuff. So that has been our attempt this last month. Slowly but surely we are transitioning and getting settled. Transition is a wonderful and terrifying thing (more on that in a later post). One of the big reasons why we wanted to move back to Colorado (we both lived here from 2010-12) was because of what the mountains had to offer. Hiking and snowshoeing and skiing. The beauty of the mountains bring adventure and the ability to stand in awe of God’s creation. Pretty cool.

So, this past weekend, I hit my “I’m recovered” mark from surgery. With my “all clear,” we took to the trails and made a trip to St. Mary’s Glacier. It is a quick trip from Denver (just over an hour) and easily accessible in our non-mountain ready Toyota Matrix. It was a beautiful day and despite the crowds, it was a great first hike of 2015 for me! You hike up to a beautiful lake with great views of the mountains and then, if you’re up for it, you continue up the glacier for even better views. There were people, children, and dogs everywhere up until the lake, at which point the crowd thinned out. Up higher on the glacier, we got a little peace and quiet and even better views. If you’re in the area for the weekend, it’s an easy hike that offers more views than something else in the Front Range. I highly recommend it! Get out of Denver and explore what makes this place so popular.

And, since no post would be complete without pictures, here are a few from our day in the mountains.

**This post originally appeared on Old Pink House in Sept. 2015.