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Blog Changes


Blog Changes

Lana Hawk

As I am always changing, so is this blog. As many of you know, I have been blogging awhile. I love having a space to share my thoughts and ideas. I write more for me than anything, but I love that many of you follow along! Most recently, I blogged with Greta at Old Pink House. It was our baby for a couple years, but as we both continue to grow it made sense to part ways and start our own thing. So from that came Wanderfully Simple. My continued goal and focus is to live a life that is simple but purposeful. Adam and I continue to focus on living a life of purpose and experiences over stuff. This blog and this space will be a direct reflection of our lives in pursuit of this life.

Wanderfully Simple will focus on two major topics: travel and living minimally. You will find those two categories at the top of the page with a variety of sub-topics to choose from. Travel will include travel guides, reflections on our trips, and of course, LOADS of pictures. The Minimal Living category will include a variety of topics from DIY to my reading list to general life reflections. It will also focus on my 2017 goal of streamlining my closet and making more ethical purchase choices.

Although all the categories are listed above, each post moving forward will also appear on this main page. It will be the starting point for you all. Then, if you are looking for something old or something specific, you can navigate through the categories above this post. I will continue to work on streamlining all of this and making it a bit more user friendly and visually appealing. Always a work in progress. 

As always, thanks for following along and welcome to Wanderfully Simple.