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About Lana

About Me

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Hello, my name is Lana...

Can who I am really be summed up in a paragraph or two?  I feel like any one person is an endless combination of relationships, experiences, strengths/weaknesses, dreams, fears and passions.  All of which change and morph as the years pass, but here it goes.  I am an educator, perpetual learner, and dreamer.  I am a lover of art and antiques, creator, world explorer, Jesus loving, sort-of-sassy, people loving introvert, who can cry at the first sign of a Hallmark commercial and sob in the middle of an intense historical drama, and a newly reformed health nut and triathlete.  

I am married to a man who challenges me constantly to lean into who God created me to be and pursue my passions at every opportunity.  He encourages me to be creative, take risks, and discover who I am and what I am truly capable of.  This blog is a direct representation of all those things.  I want to share my experiences, thoughts and passions with you and give you a glimpse into my world to hopefully, encourage you in yours.  I want to be open and honest with things that move me, challenge me, inspire me, and push me.  I hope that by putting into written word these passions, dreams, adventures, and ideas I can offer something to you that is uniquely me.


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